Astronews for September 20th-26th

Arianna Nadine, @notyourbasicwitch

Hello Witches!

While I really enjoyed the nose-to-the-grindstone, low-key vibes of Virgo season, Libra season is banging on the door this week, and it’s ready for some Autumnal shifts. 

On September 20th, Mercury in Virgo is conjunct the Sun, and tomorrow, the 21st, Mercury pops into Libra. The Autumnal Equinox (Mabon) brings in Libra season on the 22nd or 23rd—(it’s at like 1AM on the 22nd if you wanna get technical). I love that Libra season starts on the equinox—when the Earth is at a literal point of seasonal/astronomical equality. Physics and metaphysics really grease my gears. (*Finger guns*) On the 24th, we have the Full Moon in Aries which I talked about last week; I hope you’ve been prepping for some sweet ritual. ATL Craft is hosting a moon circle that night, and it would be a stellar time to be a little wild with your fellow Witches. (I’m already feeling the overwhelming energy of Mercury in Libra! I’ve been typing for hours, and I’m channeling random bits like crazy, so I thank you and honor you for staying with this super non-liberal download!)

The Full and New Moons get a lot written about them. Hell, astrology and daily horoscopes pretty much flood my feed and inboxes. It can all feel so subjective, vague, opposing, or a bunch of paraphrasing. It’s not a perfect system, but when you find the astrologer that serves you best, it can be worth it. As I channel this information for y’all, I am reminded by folks DMing me about their similar insights that we are all just vessels for Source, and are truly a Collective Consciousness and are all slowly tuning into the same radio station of Enlightenment and Evolution. I hope only that I express “my” insights in a way that sticks with readers, and helps us all to learn and grow. So, I’m not really going to write about the Full Moon in Aries anymore because you get the point. This has been spoken about some, and I’m sure will come up a lot as more is written about the Equinox and Libra season, as happens when everyone’s tuning into Source energy, but I’m gonna talk about the energy of Libra and Justice (as a Tarot card and a concept) this week. 

A quick download on the Zodiac. There are so many instances of groups of 12 in myths that follow the Monomyth cycle. Think of these as microcosmic metaphors of the microcosm of the Zodiac. ( Jesus and his 12 disciples, Joseph and his 11 brothers, 12 tribes of Israel, the concepts of coming of age and hitting puberty at age 12, 12 months in a year, 12 gods on Olympus,  and pretty ubiquitously around many ancient and modern cultures, cults, and spiritual practices. If the series of 12 as individualized extensions of Christ energy show us anything, it’s that the Universe/God(dess)/Source is expressed through the microcosm of the Zodiac. This is our continued reflection on Source, by understanding Her energy as a series of personified symbols in the sky, in stories, in cycles of nature, and in ourselves. As Above, So Below. Microcosms beget microcosms in an endless cycle and spiral into infinity, and vise versa, for Universe is infinite, with no beginning and no end. 

Alright, so Libra is represented by the Scales, the only inanimate symbol in the Zodiac. There’s a reason for that—Libra energy is impartial, ruled by Air, and therefore the mind and not the heart. This may also explain why some of my Libra friends have a harder time than most at feeling “human.”  The Tarot card associated with Libra is Justice, and the number 11 or II (2), which is a higher expression for the number 2 in Numerology. 11 is a Master Number of the Spiritual Teacher and leads to Spiritual Enlightenment via being a highly intuitive channeling-energy. If the biblical series of 12 as pieces of Christ energy show us anything, it’s that the Universe/God(dess)/Source is expressed in microcosms of the Zodiac; so Libra is the energy of Divine Justice. I love the story of Jesus trashing the Temple and throwing out all the Spiritual Capitalistic fucks posting up there. He chased them out with a fucking whip, y’all. I’m no Christian, but the Nazarene was a snarky badass who didn’t fucking  play, didn’t stay small, and fought for what he believed in. Jesus wasn’t just a martyr or a sacrificial lamb. He fucked shit up, called people out, stared down the face of his enemies, and remained firm. He didn’t care about the law of men*—he cared about true Justice.

Y’all, life isn’t fair. We know it, and must acknowledge that as a FACT, so we can deal with it appropriately. Subjectivity holds no power here. This is the dividing line between Leo and Libra.** The facts outweigh the feelings. Your feelings don’t matter. Truth matters. Today, there are attempts to keep the scales imbalanced. We know this. We hear everyday about another black kid murdered by cops; we know about the fucked up system of modern slavery under the guise of prison and jail; we know about Indian girls getting gang raped en mass just because no one is doing anything about it; we know about sex trafficking, sex slavery, and powerful government leaders hosting parties where stolen children are sexually used and abused; we see families separated; class war disguised as race wars, and the lies of separation of humans and nature; we see whale mothers mourning their children; we see mother cows screaming out for their babies; we hear Mother Earth shaking, spouting lava, storms, destruction, fires, floods; and we wonder why there is an influx of dis-ease within our bodies when our Mother’s body is raped, assaulted, and poisoned second by second. Why we suffer so deeply from anxiety and depression and other chemical and spiritual imbalances when our Mother’s own auric field and energetic system is full of blocks and holes and cracks. AS ABOVE, SO BELOW, AS THE BODY, SO THE SOUL, AS WITHIN, SO WITHOUT. 

You are a reflection of your world, and your world is a reflection of you. Heal yourself, heal your sisters and brothers. Heal your neighborhood. Heal your planet. It will spiral outward. It will affect more than just you. We are all ONE. It is more than sharing a planet—we are sharing our energetic SELVES. THERE IS NO I. We are each creating a vibration, and when it emanates from our bodies, we affect every energetic body around us—the plants, animals, humans, etc. A smile spreads like a yawn. Good vibes are transferable. They are fast frequencies. Love is powerful. Love is truth. Love is God. When you surround yourself with good energy, good vibes, good frequencies, as with singing bowls, incenses and plants and flowers, and essences and tinctures and vitamins, and nature, and animals, and crystals and salt lamps and music at healing hz, your energy shifts and shift and shifts. When you mediate, you shift and shift and shift, and your frequency rises. Rise up meet me. Rise to meet those you admire. This is not a competition; this is a call to action to RISE UP and create some fucking  change. When I rise, you rise; when you rise, I rise. There is no competition; competition is not real. It is based in fear and false stories of lack and scarcity and that shit is NOT TRUE. ONLY LOVE IS REAL. I believe that Goddess is Love and Her absence is what we call “sin”—sin is fear, the absence of Love. The Devil is an energy of lack, and it is not real. I believe in no Devil but the ones I’ve created in my head. 

THIS IS JUSTICE. THIS IS LIBRA. Hold me accountable. Hold your partners and friends and teachers and mentors accountable. A teacher or mentor is NOTHING without the faith of her students—and faith is built on trust that comes from actual results and achievement of goals. Outgrow your teachers. Become the new leader in your circle. Bring your teachers up with you. Keep expanding, and push yourself and pull up others with you. Everyone has their own pace, but frequencies match frequencies, and when you’re changing the station everyone in your car is listening to, people will TUNE IN and start aligning with those jams, or they’ll catch another ride. KEEP FUCKING  DRIVING. 

Since the Temple was for worshiping YHWH, and Jesus was a Earthly microcosmic energy of that Source energy, he was literally clearing his own Temple, and making space for himself and his connection/re-connection to his Divinity. (When he says, “No man cometh unto the Father except by Me” he means that until you recognize your own earthly Divinity, and harness your own ability to make space for your own worship, you’ll never reach Enlightenment.)

*(I use MEN not humans on purpose here, because women weren’t making these laws up—many of them were specifically used to disempower and degrade women.)

**Strength vs Justice in the Tarot; 8 vs 11. Strength is the card of Leo, and Libra is Justice. While the symbol of balance is often the sideways figure eight symbol, that is closer to the energy of INFINITE, of cycles, and a different type of balance. That symbol is above the woman in the Strength card, but not Libra. (Reflect also on the Two of Pentacles vs the Two of Swords.) More of a yin and yang instead of things having a “weight.” 11 brings enlightenment, and 8 is the pure energy of Source. Pure Love. Feeling-based. 11 is about channeling and cultivating the messages of Divine Love in 8 to the material world of humans—the metaphysical made physical; the one who explains and guides—this is why 11 and Justice are the teachers and guides. They show the path to Source we discover at 8. 8 is direct, 11 is distant. 11 is the Bridge. 

Haley Murphy