Astronews for August 30th-September 5th

August 30th-September 5th

Arianna Nadine, notyourbasicwitch


Hi Witches! How has your week been? Have you felt the energy of Mars going direct on Tuesday? It was sort of like everything going from 0-100 mph, but during rush hour, in a small town with one road to the Interstate on Labor Day weekend, and also at least seven people are in labor. But now that the gate’s been lifted, and we’re free to press forward with our ambitions and stop feeling so stagnant. You might have stopped or started a new job/career path/launched a business during this time. There is a distinct energy of building a reputation at this time, and how your actions are cultivating that for better or worse. 

This is further solidified with Mercury moving from Leo into Virgo on the 5th of September until the 21st. How is what you say being used in service? How are you speaking and communicating with others and yourself? You know those people who have negative self-talk, and are constantly “jokingly” self-depreciating? Yeah, don’t do that shit. Your words have power, and they’re super-charged with Virgo (one of Mercury’s homes). Would you ever tell your friend, your animal companion, or even a plant, “You’re so fucking  stupid” or “You’d be better off dead” or “You’re a burden” or “You’re ugly—everyone’s making fun of you”?! HELL NO. Whenever I hear someone talk down on themselves like this, I immediately say, “Hey! Don’t talk about my friend Alicia that way!” And they laugh and get awkward, but it works, and it’s true.

 I challenge you to continually correct your negative self-talk, for that inner dialogue is 1. not true 2. unhealthy as fuck. You are creating cognitive pathways and habitual ways of speaking, thinking about, and feeling about yourself. You are creating holes in your aura and damaging your DNA. You are creating an inner dialogue of trauma, and that shit will fuck you up more than just spiritually. I also challenge you to reach out with love whenever you hear anyone saying something mean about themselves. Remind them that they are someone’s friend, that someone loves them, and help them break the habit of negative self talk, and to be aware of the way we speak to others as well as ourselves. If you want a better, more loving world to live in, you’ve gotta do the work and clean up your side of the street. Show up for your community, and show up for yourself. Be radically kind. Accept the funny looks and awkward laughs. Allow people to become uncomfortable with being uncomfortable. Give people the space to pause. Start over. Try again. We all have the power to do that for one another, and it doesn’t have to be more than just a quick reminder to “not talk about my friend that way.” 

This is also a good time to think about how you connect with other people with how you express yourself and communicate. Mercury is in Leo and makes a trine to Venus on the 3rd before moving into Virgo. So, for some more “fall cleaning,” are you expressing yourself with complaining? Is that how you’re choosing to connect with others? Like, “Ugh, the weather sure is crappy today.” Or “I can’t wait til I’m off!”

The comments in and of themselves are not “bad” per say. It’s the intention as a point of conversation with your coworkers or strangers that I find so disturbing. Why do we build a culture of “small talk” around complaining?! As if that weren’t gross enough, it can also be a huge sign of your privilege, and you might need to check it with your language. When someone at work complains about a manager asking them to do something that’s a part of their workflow, I am baffled and kind of irritated with their shitty attitude. Isn’t this the job you signed up for? Aren’t you getting paid to do this? Why are you coming in first thing in the morning, already moaning about how you don’t want to be here and can’t wait to go home? After fighting for a job that gave me any stability or benefits, I am disheartened by people who do not appreciate the benefits of their job—because, despite having a BFA,  I’ve not had insurance, a 401k, vacation, paid time off ever. I thought I would never have the chance to have a career unless I went back to school and went into further debt to hope that maybe this degree or skill would be enough for someone to hire me. Now, I get to be paid to train to have a profitable career, and I consider myself so fucking  blessed to have gotten this job. I know there are people out there who do not have cars, have to choose between gas and food, barely see their families, go from part time job to part time job, hoping to make ends meet. I know people who never get the chance to learn skills that will further their hire ability in the future. I know people who suffer from mental illness so badly they cannot hold a full time job, even if they were able to get it. 

Leo is the sign of your self and ego. Mercury rules communication. Venus rules partnerships and values. Together, they tell a story of how you express your self, your needs, your fears, and your interests and your values. Your words are creating your environment, and reflect your current state of mind, and your future one as well. Use this time to express yourself in a way that adds value to the Collective this week. Be mindful of how your complaining, your attitude, your expressing yourself can either shine a light on someone, can light them up—or it can burn the fuck out of them, and cause them pain. Check your privilege. Acknowledge the you’re connecting to people or expressing yourself in a way that isn’t a truth or could showcase your privilege. Recognize that you are lucky to be where you are and have what you have, and someone always has a harder time or more challenges than you. Leo is also known for being generous sign—be generous with your words, sure— but make them good ones. Connect with people for the right reasons. Lift someone up. Watch how fast your life gets better, how many more friendships—real ones!—are cultivated, and how quickly your manifest your desires with a new way of speaking about yourself, to others, and about your shared experiences. Cast spells of good shit, and save the drama for your mama. Or therapist—because not one of your coworkers is being paid enough to hear anyone bitch for 8-10 hours.

Take care, and speak truthfully, kindly, and with intention this week. You’ll be amazed at the shift you can create in your magical and mundane life with this work. 

Haley Murphy