Just Moonin' Over You

We started off this new year with a bang. The first day of the year not only had a full moon, but a Super Moon in Cancer. For those of you not into astrology, Cancer is ruled by, you may have guessed it, the moon. The Moon rules the unconscious and emotions. It is the mother and the wife. It is our sensual side and rules our primary instincts. This is the part of self we keep close, we keep hidden or we keep secret. When it comes to spell work, we need to know where the moon is at and what she is feeling, so we know what we should do. 

The full moon is a very magical time and it is good for any type of spell. It's a time of ending and beginnings. To think of it in regards of a garden, this is when the crops are bearing fruit and it is time to harvest. It is an abundant and happy time. But at the same time, it is the death and fulfillment for those plants. It's side by side, life and death. Very powerful. And since the moon is in charge of the unconscious and the primal, psychic abilities are increased at this time. This is a wonderful time to do abundance and fertility spells, as well as look back on what you have accomplished and rejoice for rejoicing's sake.

After the moon is at its fullest it starts to wane. The party of the full moon is over. The crops have been harvested and the moon is getting closer and closer to her death and rebirth, her dark womb space. This is a time to do spells that involve decreasing, releasing and letting go. If you have a bad habit or an addiction you are trying to shake, this is the time to do it. It's a time to get rid of the bad and negative energy in your life. I believe that's why it is suggested to do spells involving legal matters at this time.

The dark moon, or the new moon is a time of new beginnings. The slate has been wiped clean. The new moon reminds me of a freshly tilled field that is just waiting for seeds to be planted in it. It's the time for positive changes, such as looking for fresh career opportunities or new relationships or new endeavors. Maybe you have an idea that you need to take root. This is the time to do a spell to plant that seed and then watch it take root.

Last, but not least is the waxing moon. It is growing and increasing on its journey to becoming full. Those little seeds at the new moon have taken route and now it is time to do some watering for the little sprouts. This is the opportune time to do spells that involve increasing. Increasing knowledge, money, or maybe increasing love in a relationship.

If you feel drawn to work with the moon, I suggest going outside at night and looking right at her. Sit and meditate and think of her and her message. I also have found a really good resource called "Moon Spells" by Diane Ahlquist available here at ATL CRAFT. It's great for beginners and more advanced alike. In the first part of the book, she teaches you how to cast circle, cast different formations, and she tells you which days of the week are best to do which spell. Then, in the second part, she has a whole lot of spells and tells you down to the last detail everything you need.